Peter Beckett




Professional Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist/Producer

from Liverpool, England since 1966 



*Peter Beckett is now the only original band member as of 2018 

Peter Beckett was born in the Aigburth section of Liverpool, England. He was greatly influenced by listening to Radio London, and going to see the Beatles perform at the famous Cavern Club in Liverpool. Being under age at the time, his older brother would smuggle him into the lunchtime sessions,  and he knew then that he was destined to become a musician. Peter's first band, at age 18, was The Thoughts. They recorded one single called "All Night Stand", on the Planet Record label, written by Ray Davies of the Kinks. Peter, along with band mate Phil Boardman, wrote the B-side "Memory Of Your Love". They also recorded a video short called "Pretty Girls in Short Short Dresses", portraying the band chasing girls around London's famous Carnaby Street. Two of the unreleased songs called "Pretty Girl" and "Call Me Girl" played in the background during the chase. No album was ever recorded by the band. The Thoughts toured Germany and other countries, only to come home and disband.
From there, Peter played with a few English "beat" bands, which were very in vogue at the time around the Mersey side of Liverpool. The first band was Winston G and The Wicked, who later changed their name to Fox. They soon found out that the band name "Fox" was already taken, thus changing their name again to Whip. That lasted about a few years, with little success. 

Peter was asked by his friend Steve Kipner to join his  band 'Tin Tin', known for their hit "Toast and Marmalade for Tea", when two of the members quit the band. Peter, Steve and the other remaining member Steve Groves, recorded a few songs together called "I'm Afraid' and "Handle Me Easy'. Both songs were written by Peter, which he also played guitar and drums on. Steve Kipner then quit to go start a new project in the US.

Peter then joined a progressive rock band in 1973 called Paladin, playing bass and sharing the vocals. The band toured Europe but never made it to the US shores. Paladin was a mixture of jazz fusion, latin, and soul music, producing two LPs; one self-titled Paladin and Paladin Charge! They released two singles; "Sweet Sweet Music" and"Anyway". Paladin Charge! is well remembered as an amazing piece of music recorded at the famous Apple Studios in London. A third LP was later released in 1999 called "Jazzattack",  as an amazing instrumental. 

Peter later moved to Los Angeles, California in 1974 searching for more music opportunites. He formed a band called Skyband with Steve Kipner and Lane Caudell. They put out a self-titled LP, and released two singles from it; Bang! Ooh!Ya Got Me! and Pie In The Sky". They toured Europe as the opening act for Alex, and also opened up for such bands as The Jackson 5 and Peter Noone in the US. The band changed their name to Zed hoping to get another recording deal, with no success. They broke up and the members went their separate ways. 

Peter then joined up with J.C. Crowley, Ronn Moss, and John Friesen to become  pop/rock band Player. Player had a #1 hit with "Baby Come Back" in 1978, the song still played all over the world today. They toured as an opening act for such artists as Gino Vanelli, Boz Scaggs, Eric Clapton, Heart, and Kenny Loggins. After four successful albums with Player, the band then split up and Peter began writing songs for other recording artists such as Olivia Newton-John, The Temptations, Kenny Rodgers, which lasted about 10 years. He also began writing songs for movies and TV through the 80's. He got together with friend and former bandmate Steve Kipner once again, and recorded a cd under the band name Think Out Loud.  They released a single called "After All This Time", and featured their song "Original Sin(Jumpin' In) in the Tom Cruise movie "Cocktail".

In 1990, Peter was asked by his manager Paul Palmer to join up with Little River Band, who also shared the same manager.Their guitar player Graham Goble suddenly quit the band after recording their LP '"Get Lucky". This tour took Peter and the band to Australia, Europe and back to the States again. Peter was featured evey show singing his classic # 1 hit from Player, "Baby Come Back". During the tour in 1991, Peter also released his first solo cd called 'Beckett'. The songs were a combination of adult oriented tunes. This CD produced a minor hit with "Brother Louie" in the US, and "My Religion" in Germany. 

Between Little River Band tours, Peter found time to get back into the studio with Ronn Moss and record Player's fifth LP. Electric Shadows was released in Japan in 1995, with Peter and Ronn sharing the lead vocals. Peter, also the producer of this new project, decided to change the title to a more American style and released it in the US as Lost In Reality, in 1996. The first single 'Footprints In The Sand'was then released, getting a lot of air play.The other tracks were also straight to the heart melodies about love and life.

Since then, Peter has produced, wrote and played on two solo cds for Ronn Moss. Peter was musical director on the Australian 2006 tour to promote Ronn's second solo cd 'Uncovered', which Peter also produced. Peter is now working on his second solo cd, and still continues to write and sing for movies and other artists. 

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   I Told You So 
  2.   My Religion 
  3.   Brother Louie 
  4.   Hangin' By A Thread 
  5.   The Big Hurt
  6.   How Can The Girl Refuse
  7.   Not A Day Goes By
  8.   The Bottom Line 
  9.   Still Of The Night
10.   Falling From Grace


BECKETT (Japenese Import)


  1.  I Told You So
  2.  My Religion
  3.  Brother Louie
  4.  Hangin' By A Thread
  5.  The Big Hurt
  6.  How Can The Girl Refuse
  7.  Not A Day Goes By
  8.  The Bottom Line
  9.  Still Of The Night
10.  Falling From Grace
11.  Until You Let Go





1.    I Told You So (Beckett,Parker)
 2.    My Religion (Beckett,Parker)
 3.    Brother Louie (Brown,Wilson)
 4.    Hangin' By A Thread (Reswick,Werfel)
 5.    The Big Hurt (Beckett,Morris)
 6.    How Can The Girl Refuse (Ballard,Howard)
 7.    Not A Day Goes By (Werfel,Reswick,Price)
 8.    The Bottom Line (Beckett,Pellicci,Capek)
 9.    Still Of The Night (Beckett,Feldman)
10.   Falling From Grace (Beckett,Lambert)




11 Saving Grace
Written-By – Kopatz*, Beckett*
12 Dangerous Times
Written-By – Parker*, Beckett*
13 The Best Is Yet To Come
Written-By – Manzie*, Beckett*
14 Meet Me In The Middle
Written-By – Parker*, Beckett*
15 After The Fall
Written-By – Crowley*, Beckett*





1. Hangin' By A Thread

2. Bottom Line


1. How Can The Girl Refuse



1. Brother Louie


1. The Motivation

 2. Slip Of The Tongue


1. The Motivation

2. Slip Of The Tongue







1. The Right Combination
2. The Right Combination (Instrumental)